About Us

Klibur Domin is a Timorese NGO based in Tibar, Timor-Leste, about 17 km from the capital Dili. Klibur Domin has three main programs: the Inpatients Program, providing care for low needs patients; the Community Based Rehabilitation program, which supports children and adults with disability and provides respite care and access to education; and the Tuberculosis (TB) Program, which provides care for patients with both TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB.


In 2000, the Ryder-Cheshire Australia (RCA) approved a proposal to set up a new project in Timor-Leste. This project became known as Klibur Domin, which means ‘Sharing With Love’ in the local dialect. It was initially established to care for low priority patients from the Dili Hospital, due to the demand for beds for high priority patients at the Hospital. Klibur Domin also had at the time 18 elderly residents with disabilities at the home.

In 2001, the KD Board of Management (BoM) was established with Dr Rui de Araujo as Chairman. Dr Rui became the Timor-Leste Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017 and is still a member of the BoM. RCA handed management of Klibur Domin to the Timorese and Joaquim Freitas Soares was appointed Managing Director.

Klibur Domin’s focus has shifted more towards the detection and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) and providing support for people with disabilities. In 2008, they established a Mobile TB team and a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) team to work in the villages in Liquisa and Ermera districts. During this year, the Rehabilitation Centre was renovated and improved and two of the four inpatient wards were dedicated to treating TB patients.



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