Our Programs

Inpatient Program and Medical Clinic

Klibur Domin has 8 buildings with the capacity of 80 beds to accommodate patients and persons with disability and their families. The patient’s cottages are included: Cottage-1, Cottage-2, Cottage 3, Cottage-4, MDR-TB-1, MDR-TB-2, Barbara Cottage, and St. Damien Cottage. In 2019 Klibur Domin admitted 243 inpatients, maintaining an average bed occupancy rate of 75.6%. Approximately 81% of patients were undergoing treatment for Tuberculosis. 6% of those TB patients had drug resistant tuberculosis, which requires a much greater level of medical care. Klibur Domin is currently the only facility in Timor-Leste for treatment of drug-resistant TB.

Medical assistance was provided to over 2,400 outpatients at the KD medical clinic, And we provided transportation to the National Hospital in Dili for over 250 people, primarily for Injuries (47%), pregnancy (27%), and asthma (14%).

Community Based Tuberculosis Program

Tuberculosis is a major infectious disease in Timor-Leste with an estimated 6,500 cases and mortality rate of 100 people per 100,000 annually. Klibur Domin has been working with communities in Timor-Leste to combat the spread of TB for over a decade. KD is taking up the challenge to increase TB diagnosis to eliminate the epidemic of TB in 2030 based on the Sustainable Development Goal adopted by the government of Timor-Leste.

In 2019, our TB outreach team conducted contact tracing, active case finding, and GeneXpert testing in the seven sub-districts of Atabae, Balibo, Bazartete, Bobonaro, Liquica, Maubara, and Railaco with funding from the Global Fund to end Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV. KDs team identified 56 % of all bacteriologically confirmed cases reported to the national tuberculosis program (NTP) in these seven sub-districts. Klibur Domin also performed 1,832 GeneXpert tests with 172 testing positive for TB and 8 tests showing drug resistance.

Community Based Rehabilitation

The Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) team provides support and care for people with disability at Klibur Domin and in the local community. Our goals include improved nutrition, therapy and education and support for patients and their carers, as well as the provision of accessibility equipment such as ramps, rails, basic water and sanitation, and assistance in the provision of mobility equipment including wheelchairs and prosthetics.

Klibur Domin staff regularly assist people with a disability in remote communities as distance is a particular challenge for people to access government services based in urban centres. The Timor-Leste Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion continues to provide support for CBRs core activities in the Municipalities of Liquica and Ermera as well as our support for patients from across the country, and we are also pleased to work with the Timorese National Centre for Rehabilitation and other supporters to advocate for the Rights of People with a disability in Timor-Leste.

Dental Clinic

Klibur Domin’s dental team works in partnership with Maluk Timor to provide dental examinations, treatment and education programs for improved oral health and the prevention of dental disease for communities in Timor-Leste. Locally engaged and professionally qualified staff work with Australian mentors and equipment suppliers to deliver the highest quality standards in dental care.

In 2019, the dental clinic had 1,371 patient visit for a range of treatments including fillings and extractions, as well as general examinations and check-ups, scaling, sealants and fluoride treatments.

The Team also made visits to 8 local primary schools, providing an education program to 896 children, all of whom received dental check-ups and where necessary, preventative treatments.

Garton Education Program

Klibur Domin is committed to assisting young people with a disability to receive educational opportunities. The Garton Program was established in memory of John Garton, a Klibur Domin supporter from Australia.
Garton House can accommodate 10 teenagers /young adults with students having the opportunity to complete up to 6 years of High School. Students are provided with support to attend school including meals, uniforms and school supplies, medical care and any additional therapeutic or equipment support.

Each year Klibur Domin will receive applications from students with a disability who would like to enter the program in the following year. Students who are accepted into the program are expected to continue to study hard and to contribute to the running of Uma Garton and uphold the values expected as a member of the Klibur Domin community.

Each student will have a transition plan by the time their schooling is completed and Klibur Domin staff will work with the school- teachers to identify possible post school pathways for these students. This could include going to university / college, employment or skill development to improve the family income on return. At the end of the program students will return home to their village or move into accommodation of their choice in Dili or surrounds.